Project Name: TTUHSC - MSBII Bid Package 3 Final Bid Buyout Bid Date: Oct 17, 2017
5:00 PM Arizona
Description: Sundt Construction, Inc. as the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), for the Medical Science Building II at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso, Texas (Owner) is seeking Bids for: Bid Package 3: Soliciting Final Bids for the following scopes of work relating to Bid Package #3 – Interior Build-Out: Ornamental Metals/Railings, Finish Carpentry, FRP Panels, Spray Fireproofing, Caulking, Expansion Control, Firestopping, Insulation, Doors/Frames/Hardware, Interior Framing/Drywall, Carpet/Resilient Flooring, Tiling, Wood Flooring, Resinous Flooring, Terrazzo Flooring, Floor Sealers/Hardeners, Acoustical Ceilings/Walls/Baffles, Painting/WC/Elastomeric Coatings, Glass Marker Boards, Fabric Wrapped Tackable Panels, Code Signage, Stainless Steel Toilet Compartments, Cubicle Curtains and Tracks, Folding Panel Partitions, Vertically-Folding Acoustic Partitions, Wall and Door Protection, Toilet Accessories, Fire Protection Specialties, Projection Screens, Flat Screen TV Mounts, Laboratory Eye Wash, Laboratory Fume Hoods, Laboratory Steam Sterilizers, Window Treatments, Fixed Seating/Tables, Laboratory Equipment/Casework, Temperature Controlled Rooms, Miscellaneous Sitework, Permanent Fencing/Gates, Rock Walls, Site Furnishings, Landscaping, and Free-Standing Pergolas (Add Alternate). Pre-Proposal Meeting will be held Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 3:00 to 4:30 PM. We will meet at the Project site located at 5001 El Paso Drive, Room MEB 1110, El Paso, TX 79905. The pre-proposal meeting will be held at 3:00 PM with a jobsite tour immediately following. See Exhibits 1 and 2 for parking pass and campus map. The following Add Alternates are also included in Bid Package #3: Add Alternate #1 – CAT6A Cabling System (The Garick Group) Add Alternate #3 – Free Standing Pergolas on site. Add Alternate #6 – Level 3 Office Buildout (Area C) Bid Package 2: Scopes of work that were bid as part of Bid Package 2 (Core & Shell), may potentially be awarded as a complete package for both Bid Package 2 and 3 and would include the following scopes: Doors/Frames/Hardware, Insulation and Framing/Sheathing/Drywall/Air Vapor Barrier. To clarify, if you submitted on Bid Package 2 previously, first submit a stand alone Bid Package 3 Bid, then attach a second and revised Bid Package 3 Bid, considering a combined BP-2/BP-3 Award. SCOPES OF WORK ALREADY AWARDED: The following Scopes of Work have already been bought out and are NOT BIDDING at this time include: Dumpsters, Toilets, Temporary Fence, Surveying, Building and Site Concrete, Masonry, Structural/Miscellaneous Steel, Roofing, Glazing, Roll-up Door, Elevators, Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical, Fire Sprinklers, Special Systems, Earthwork, Paving, Utilities, Tower Cranes/Hoists, Final Cleaning, and Termite Treatment. Included for reference are the Bid Package 1 and 2 latest documents. Please review all these documents as they relate to your scope of work and adjust pricing accordingly. Bidders are required to provide pricing using the supplied Bid Form (Attachment A3) and include any supporting information as needed for a complete bid. As you review the Instructions to Bidders documents, please also see trade specific scope documents (Attachments B) for further information relating to your scope. These Bid Documents are available at the Sundt Subcontractor Portal located at (no www). An “Access code” has been provided in the square on page 1. When you access this site, please input the code at the LOGIN page, at choice 1 Login. Please be sure to use all lower case letters. Plans and Specs have been bookmarked for your ease of use. Bid Documents are also posted with these firms: F.W. Dodge-McGraw Hill Dodge Construction Reporter Plan-It Room Sundt's Public Plan Room Texas Tech actively seeks the involvement of Historically Underutilized Businesses (minority-owned and woman-owned businesses) in its construction projects as providers of Professional Services, Construction Services, Supplies, Services, and Materials. Further, Texas Tech and Sundt Construction will make a good faith effort to assist Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) to achieve the participation goal of 21% of the total value of this project. You will find additional information on the HUB program in the Project Manual (Specification Section 00 10 01) and the necessary electronic documents are available on the internet at This is an El Paso County prevailing wage job, see Specification Section 005000. Please review documents ASAP and issue any questions to Jon Schwab vie e-mail no later than Friday, October 6, 2017 at noon. Should you have any project specific questions, please feel free to contact Jon Schwab at 480-293-3038 or All subcontractors are required to adhere to Sundt Construction’s prequalification procedures, including submittal of financial statements. Bids will not be considered until all requested information has been received. Please contact Aly Gartin at 520-750-4702 or to proof your company’s qualification status or with any Subcontractor Portal questions. Bids are due by email to, 5:00 PM October 17th. Late bids will not be accepted! Please do not contact the Architect, Engineers, Consultants, or Owner directly. END OF BID PACKAGE 3 FINAL BID BUYOUT  
Project Documents Estimator: Jon P. Schwab  
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